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Men Can't Stop Aging, But Aging Might Not Be The Problem

Men Can't Stop Aging, But Aging Might Not Be The Problem

As men age, many will find that they are exhausted during the day, the spare tire around their middle continues to grow and their interest in sex plummets. Most men attribute these symptoms to the natural, inevitable aging process. But what most men over 40 don't know, as the latest national study shows, is that all of these symptoms could indicate an often treatable clinical deficiency defined by abnormally low levels of testosterone, called Low Testosterone (Low T).

"Low T is potentially the hidden link between men's health and serious medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and depression," says Daniel Perry, executive director of the Alliance for Aging Research. "Millions of American men experience it, but most don't realize the difference between a natural decline in testosterone production and Low T, which constitutes a genuine medical concern."

Highlights from the latest national study on Low T sponsored by the Alliance for Aging Research are alarming. One-third of American men over the age of 39 report two or more symptoms of Low T, including decreased energy, low libido, reduced muscle strength, increased body fat, weaker bones and mood swings.

Low T can be diagnosed with a simple blood test, but according to this latest study by Harris Interactive, 77 percent of American men over the age of 39 have not been tested by their doctors for Low T and 95 percent of men with multiple symptoms said their doctors did not mention Low T as a possible cause.

A study this year of 1,000 men Worldwide found that 68 percent of participants could not name a symptom or condition associated with Low T.

"Men should be aware that symptoms of diminished sex drive, erectile dysfunction, increased fatigue, depressed mood and diminished strength or muscle bulk may be due to low testosterone and may be treatable," said Dr. Morgentaler. "An important step is for men to discuss this possibility with their doctor, get tested and consider treatment if their testosterone levels turn out to be low."

It is estimated that 4 to 5 million American men have abnormally low levels of testosterone, but only 5 percent of those men are currently receiving treatment, such as testosterone replacement therapy.
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Facial Skin Care Tips for Men

Facial Skin Care Tips for Men

As a man, young or old, you ought to be concerned with the state of your skin. Many men seem like they could care less about the state their skin. With the autumn season just starting up, who has time to worry about skin care?

If you plan on going down to the pub to watch a game with your buddies, you should heed my advice and do your best to look good. Hey, you never know when you are going to meet Ms. Right! You should all know by now that we want a man who takes care of himself and puts some effort into his appearance.

Cleansing is important part of everyday skin care. Good old soap and water is better than using nothing at all, but hand soap is designed for use on hands. Feel your hands. I don't think anyone wants a face that feels like that. Why not try something new?

Take a trip down to your local pharmacy and have a look around. Or if you are too embarrassed and you already have a Mrs. Right, I'm sure she would be happy to pick something up for you. There are countless products available and there is sure to be something right for you. Try to find something with minimal fragrance, so you aren't overpowering the ladies with your various scents.

Shaving is another thing that men don't give much thought to. Well, you ought to!  Why have rough, razor-burned skin when you could be smooth? Trust me. The ladies like a man that is smooth, and that doesn't just apply to clichéd pick-up lines!

Always use a warm washcloth on your face before you shave. This will soften the hairs, and allow your pores to open up. And before you shave, make sure you have a decent razor. Those disposable razors should be disposed of once and for all! There are a number of new razors on the market that will provide you with a good, close shave. Be sure to use a quality shaving cream or gel, and be sure to moisturize when you are done.

As a young lady looking for Mr. Right, I know how important it is to find a man who takes care of himself. My mother always said you can tell a lot about a man by his appearance, and I couldn't agree more. Beyond that, your damned stubble hurts my face! See you out on the town, boys!
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Obesity And Poor Male Sexual Health

Obesity And Poor Male Sexual Health

Obesity is one of the reasons why a lot of people suffer from many health ailments. Being obese or having too much fat than what the human body needs can lead to many health conditions like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, sleep apnea, and stroke. Moreover, obese men are at high risk of developing blood vessel blockage that may cause erectile dysfunction (ED) and hamper their sexual health.

Studies show that over 80 percent of men who reported having experienced ED were overweight or obese. These conditions may affect the achievement or sustainment of an erection because of the impact on the complex interaction of sensory information, nerves, blood vessels, and hormones. The vascular tissues of the blood needs to be filled with blood after the nerves have carried sexual stimulation messages to the brain.

ED occurs when the body experiences a disruption in any of the factors that leads to an erection. One of the disruptions that may occur is the blockage of arteries that deliver blood to the tissues of the penis. Aside from excessive weight and fat in the body, other obesity-linked factors that adversely affects a person's health include the presence of high blood pressure, high levels of trigylycerides, and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or the accumulation of bad cholesterol which is also associated with low levels of high-density lipoprotein.

Because of these dangers, it is important to determine the right amount of body fat that a person can have at any given time. Many health professionals use the body mass index (BMI) to determine if individuals are carrying too much fat. It is based on one's height and waist, and estimates whether one's weight is healthy or not, and if one is overweight and obese. These health experts say that a healthy BMI for individuals is between 19 and 26. A BMI of 27 to 30 is regarded as overweight, while 30 above is classified as obese. If one's BMI is below 19, it may lead to health problems like osteoporosis, malnutrition, liver disease, and inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestines. BMI applies to individuals, regardless of their sex, age, frame size or muscle mass.

Many health  and relationship specialists suggest the following steps to overcoming obesity and for improving sexual health:

* Meet up with a doctor and get information regarding safe diet pills, surgeries, or diet plans available for addressing obesity.
* Change or remove every food item in your diet which makes you fat.
* Motivate yourself and engage in regular exercise and outdoor activities.
* Talk to your partner about your performance problem and work out a plan to solve it together.
* Find out simpler ways to make love. Position yourself in such a way that your partner doesn't feel suffocated.
* Give each other emotional support.

Overweight and obese men should remember that there are no shortcuts to good health. People who are overweight or obese should consider in a change in lifestyle and food regimen. Doctors and other health professionals should be consulted to develop a plan that might work for certain individuals. Men with weight problems must start and maintain an exercise program to shed of unwanted pounds and improve cardiovascular health. Improvements in these areas may lead to improved overall health, enhanced well-being, and optimum sexual health.
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Penis Tattoos, Effects on Penis Health

Penis Tattoo And Penis Health
For the majority of men, avoiding a needle anywhere near the penis seems like a no-brainer. But for die-hard tattoo enthusiasts, no part of the body is off limits. Not surprisingly, though, piercing the penile skin repeatedly with a needle and injecting it with ink can lead to some unpleasant problems. For men who simply can't resist the urge to ink, being aware of these and caring for the penis properly before and after the fact may be helpful in preventing lasting penis problems.

1. Infection- Poking holes in the skin is the ideal way to introduce foreign invaders to the body, especially when proper precautions are not taken. Tattooing should be done by a professional, in a hygienic setting, using sanitary equipment; but even when sanitary procedures are followed, infection following tattooing is not uncommon. Keeping the area clean, both before and after, and applying a penis health crème containing natural antibacterials may help to reduce the risk of infection.

2. Scarring- Another problem that can be caused by tattooing is scarring of the skin and underlying connective tissue. Scarring on the skin's surface can lead to penile sensitivity loss, while scarring around the erectile tissue in the shaft of the penis can, in some cases, cause painful bending or curving during erections and even loss of function. Boosting the skin's healing properties and supporting the formation of new skin and connective tissue may help to alleviate the risk of developing permanent penis problems.

3. Nerve damage- The skin of the penis is dense with nerve endings that transmit pleasurable sensations to the brain. If this nerve tissue is damaged by a misplaced needle, loss of sensation may result. Vitamins to support nerve cell repair may alleviate the risk of reduced sensitivity and impaired function.

4. Priapism- Last but not least, tattooing the penis can result in a long-term erection, a condition known as priapism that can cause scarring, nerve damage and permanent loss of function. The danger here is very real - a recent news article describes a young Iranian man who took the do-it-yourself approach and pierced an artery, preventing the blood from draining from the penis and causing a permanent semi-erection.

While relying on a professional with the right equipment may reduce the risk in this case, there is always the chance that something can go wrong. Men who find themselves with an erection that does not subside after four hours or so should seek emergency medical treatment in order to avoid permanent injury to the penis.

Keeping the penis healthy, before and after tattooing

For those who simply can't resist the lure of the needle, some precautions and preventive measures should be taken. In addition, proper penis care following the procedure should be observed. To keep the penis healthy, regular bathing with a mild cleanser is of course advised. Furthermore, tattooing should never be attempted on cracked, chafed or irritated skin. Moisturizing can help to alleviate the effects of rough handling and prevent further irritation.

As already mentioned, a reputable tattoo artist who runs a clean operation and does not reuse needles is recommended, not only to avoid infections and transmission of other diseases, but to reduce the risk of nerve damage to the sensitive penile tissue.

Keeping the penis skin supple, smooth and blemish free, both before and after the procedure, will only help to reduce the risk of uncomfortable or harmful side effects; treatment with a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can also improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin, allowing the full effect of the artwork to shine through.

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Penis Symptom Checker, Common Penis Symptoms and Causes

Penile Contact Dermatitis
Doctors and urologists often hear from male patients who are concerned about penis symptoms such as irritation, rash, itching and swelling. While these symptoms can be a sign of a more serious problem, most of them are related to minor issues and can be treated easily. Cleansing and applying penis vitamins and moisturizers is often all that is needed to keep the penis healthy.

For men with concerns about penis problems, the following list of penis health issues can help. However, it is important to remember that men who have a sore on the penis that does not heal, or symptoms that are accompanied by severe pain, fever, headache, nausea, or an erection that does not subside after four hours should seek prompt medical attention.

1. Contact dermatitis- The penis is often exposed to chemicals and other substances that are known to cause irritation. Penis symptoms such as redness, soreness, flaking or peeling skin, and rash can often be the result of contact with, for example, latex condoms, spermicides, fragrances (found in cleansers, deodorants, lotions and laundry detergents) and personal lubricants. Contact with the body fluids of a partner can also cause irritation and soreness following intercourse.

2. Poison ivy, oak or sumac- These environmental irritants can cause some alarming penis symptoms; even if they do not come in direct contact with the penis skin, the oils from these plants can be transferred from other parts of the body or the clothing and cause symptoms such as mild to severe itching, rash, redness, dryness and peeling of the skin.

3. Fungal infections- Fungal infections can affect men of all ages, even those who are not sexually active. Yeast infections, which can be easily transmitted between sexual partners, often present as severe itching or burning, redness, swelling (especially of the foreskin), a whitish, lumpy discharge, and dry, peeling skin.

4. Dry, irritated skin- Penis symptoms such as itching and peeling, and even minor rashes, can be caused by simple friction burns caused by masturbation or sex. If dryness and irritation occur following intercourse or manual stimulation, it is best to abstain for a short time to allow the skin to heal.

5. Bladder infections- Bladder infections do not only lead to urgency in urination; they can also cause pain or burning at the opening of the penis (the urethra). Men who suspect a bladder infection should have their urine tested for diagnosis, as antibiotics may be required to eliminate the infection.

6. Skin cancer- Small lesions, sores that do not heal, or skin tags or moles that change in appearance may be signs of skin cancer. Unusual markings or sores, especially those do not heal over a period of weeks, should be checked for the possibility of skin cancer.

Home treatment for penis problems

At the first sign of penis soreness, pain, itching or other uncomfortable or unattractive penis symptoms, men can follow the steps listed here to calm the skin and alleviate the effects of minor penis conditions:

· Wash the area with a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. Avoid soaps, as these can cause drying and tightening of the skin and lead to further irritations and discomfort.

* Rinse thoroughly to make sure all traces of cleansers, as well as other possible irritants, are removed.

* Dry the penis and surrounding area carefully before putting on clothing.

* Wear loose-fitting, natural fabrics such as cotton to allow the skin to breathe - oxygenation helps the healing process.

* Abstain from masturbation and sex until the symptoms subside.

* Apply a moisturizing vitamin cream. Look for a penis vitamin formula that contains all natural ingredients only (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Natural moisturizers such as shea butter are best for sensitive skin, while vitamins and other nutrients speed healing, promote the formation of healthy skin cells and connective tissue, and boost the body's immune response to fight off foreign invaders. Regular treatment with penis nutrients can lead to an improved overall look and feel to the penis.

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Exercising Your Penis For Maximum Gains, The One Word To Remember To Ensure You Get AMAZING Results

Penis Exercises
If you are considering exercising your penis, then I don't recommend you consider it, I recommend you start doing them IMMEDIATELY! This is the method I chose to do after having some really bad experiences with other male enhancement methods... and my results are nothing less than extraordinary. This is because I not only increased my size, but I also enhanced several other areas of my manhood as well (which I'll talk about in a little bit).

That being said, there was something I learned during my journey with exercising my penis that made a HUGE difference with how quickly I got results, and how significant those results were. And that's what I wanted to talk to you about in today's article.

First, What Are Penis Exercises?

Penis exercises are strategic routines that you execute using nothing but your hands. These routines vary with pulling, massaging, and tensing exercises. All of these exercises are designed to COMPLETELY maximize ALL areas of your manhood. That reason alone is why penis exercises are the most effective method around. No other method is capable of enhancing all areas of your manhood (length, girth, firmness, your sexual performance, the cosmetic appearance of your penis, and even improving the overall health).

These exercises are very simple to do and they take about 6-10 minutes to do a particular routine. Inside a reputable program, you'll find that there are different levels of workouts for you to do ranging from beginner to advanced.

Doing this method is 100% natural, highly effective, doctor approved, affordable, ridiculously simple, safe, complete, and discreet.

Second, What's The Most Important Word To Remember To Ensure Maximum Gains?

Momentum! Exercising your penis is just like exercising the rest of your body. If you have momentum with building muscle on your body, what ends up happening? That's right! You get consistent and significant results... and you find yourself having an easier time sticking to it. But... how do you build momentum?

Well, in order to build momentum with a penis exercise program so that you start seeing results very quickly and very consistently, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

1. You have to choose the right program. I can't stress this enough. There are lots of copycat programs out there that are nothing more than guides giving you the basics on exercising your penis. The basics are fine... and necessary... however, if you wish to take your manhood to the next level, then you need a reputable program that has been proven effective that has a myriad of routines for you to do.

Penis Exercising For Penile Enlargement
A good program will have TONS of different variations with manhood exercises, and this is what will ensure you get the best results possible.

2. You have to follow the program to the T. Never, and I mean NEVER try to skip around a penis exercise program! It is vital that you follow the program exactly as it is laid out for you.

For example, you may think that just because you have an above average size (i.e. 6 1/2 inches), that you can just skip to the intermediate or advanced exercises... and this is further from the truth. You MUST start at the beginning to ensure you get the best results, consistent results, safe results, and permanent results.

3. Follow the instructions. If the program recommends natural lube for a particular workout for example, use it. Most of the more effective programs were put together by medical professionals and doctor's, so therefore, it pays to take heed of whatever recommendations or instructions that are given to you.

If you follow those 3 tips, then you will build momentum. And once you build momentum, you WILL see amazing results with your penis erection, your flaccid size, the cosmetic appearance of your penis (such as having a more muscular look), and your sex life is sure to take a 180 degree turn for the better (such as lasting longer, having more intense orgasms, and more).

Are you ready to Enlarge Your Penis FAST, grow longer and thicker in weeks, and give your woman SCREAMING orgasms? Well, I highly recommend the Penis Advantage exercise program. This award winning program is safe, effective, permanent, and you can download everything INSTANTLY (no embarrassing stops at a store or packages to receive)! I went from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches in 8 weeks with this powerful program!

For more information, visit here to learn more! Warning: This program is EXTREMELY effective, and I highly recommend you stop the program for 48-72 hours if you begin to grow more than an inch in a weeks time.

Providing useful writings, reviews and articles on men's health issues including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems online.
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