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What Are Kegel Exercises? The Straight Scoop on Using Kegel For Sexual Stamina

Pelvic Floor Muscles
Q: What are kegel exercises? Do they work? How long does is take for them to be effective? Are they hard to learn... and worthwhile to start? We get tons of questions about Kegel... as they remain one of those odd recommendations many men get, when searching for solution to a wide variety of PE and sexual dysfunction issues.

Kegel exercises are a method of contracting the muscles in the pelvic wall, thought to enhance all sorts of sexual functioning.

The truth is, while Kegel is not a cure all, and NOT a magic bullet so to speak... they are a great way to develop your pelvic muscles in a way that leads to better sexual control, and recommended for a number of specific sexual dysfunctions.

Kegel is thought to help "cure" or treat premature ejaculation by strengthening the pelvic wall and the puboccyegeus muscle, which regulates stamina and our ability to last longer.

The idea is quite simple: The more you "train" the pelvic muscles through repetitive contraction, the more you will be able to apply that same control when you want to "pull back" during sexual arousal.

Some doctors, urologists and medical professionals teach men to practice Kegel by trying to NOT urinate when you feel your bladder is full... and by playing a little game of getting close to releasing, but then tensing the pelvis to stop the flow. (in other words, do what we were all taught as 7 year olds, and HOLD it as long as you can... ;-)

Important note: while many people report great success using this particular approach (the full bladder method) the Mayo clinic has reported that it can lead to an increase likelihood of a urinary tract infection... especially if done for too long.

Lastly, Kegel is NOT named after the muscles in the penis as many mens' health sites erroneously report, it's actually named after the doctor who discovered and recommended this method - Dr. Kegel. (he also recommended women do something similar for their own orgasmic issues, although in their case, the exercises are designed to help them achieve orgasm, rather than delay it)

What has worked best for YOU? What do YOU do to last longer in bed? The truth is, there are many unique and effective strategies, techniques and exercises that any man can do to improve sexual stamina.

Some of the MOST effective ways to overcome PE are actually psychological as well. Simply changing up what you focus on during sex, in conjunction with some of the other approaches above, can lead to dramatically improved stamina - especially if you are willing to practice a bit. The good news? Practicing is a lot of fun, and the more you do it, the better at it you'll get!

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