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A Comparison On Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Pills From Their Synthetic Counterparts

Evolution gave science and technology a basis to convey knowledge on health and medication to the populace. Medical breakthroughs on treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, both old and recently conducted product researches are something we must be grateful. Countless discoveries assured the recent generation to rely solely on these wonder drugs. Herbal medicines are then relegated to the background.

But wait! Before herbal healing is ignored for good, I have here some comparison on 2 main drug categories, herbal and synthetic.

I am not an obedient Bible reader but if I'm not mistaken one cannot find anywhere in its pages a name of a synthetic pharmaceutical drug. Does Frankincense or Myrrh sound familiar to you? Instead it's the herbal plants you will stumble upon, who until recent years continue to deliver miraculous results to people who believe in it. From those 2 plants alone, a lot of heart diseases, skin irritations, hypertension patients have found cure with it. Who among us luckily noticed what is found on the emblem or logo of a pharmaceutical company? Isn't it a picture of mortar and pestle, a leaf, or a poisonous snake? How shameful for such companies having that picture set as logo but how determined they are to give negative feedback to the herbal family.

Only nature is capable of giving us healing herbs and from this irreversible fact is the inability of pharmaceutical drugs to produce ORGANIC compounds. Only the plant life can give that. Why organic, you ask? Because anything INORGANIC will exhibit its negative effects to the end users. Pharmaceutical laboratories have no way knowing the negative results in their test tube - Period. So who suffers? YOU!

The powers of herbs to those who fully understand its proper application and usage are one in saying that herbs efficacy are equal to that of lab produced drugs. Many have been totally healed by herbal use but how come today they are taken for granted and misunderstood. The media, backed by research laboratories are instrumental in extending media mileage for each of their products. For one common interest and that is MONEY. Companies who care for nothing but wanted to bury deep the reputation held by herbal plants. Even worst, uncovering only the negative setbacks posed by some plants. How can they know? Medication is dependent upon each patient. Whether it's synthetic or herbal there's always limitations.

Herbs, long before the dawn of civilization has been known to heal man and have a long reliable history to prove that. It was nature who made them thrive for the healing of man itself. Man was endowed with nature with such reliable resources. Herbs never require man's medical expertise in producing healing wonders to the human body since herbs and the rest of the plant life are by chemistry and physiology very well suited to the body system's complex nature. Is it that hard to realize that monetary gains are what this drug craze is all about?

Should you by now faced with erection problems and premature ejaculation, it is wise to go herbal. For those already hooked on using synthetic pills, blue or what have you, it's time to change your options. Herbal works best without side effects to harm you.

The author is passionate on the use of herbs in providing the solution to men's sexual problems. Having suffered similar plight a decade ago and due to his dedication in finding that cure for his own incapacity motivated him to come up with that perfect solution without the harmful adverse reactions known to many existing lab produced pills. Do check out his solution and be among the many who have found relief.

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