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Discovering the Best Way to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Features Of Premature Ejaculation

This issue has been one of the most frequent asked questions raised by men in the past 100 years; in my private sex counseling group the vast majority of attendees complain about this exact issue. Based on this information, believe me, you are not alone.

Based on my observations, the main reasons this is an issue in the first place is:

They are unaware what sorts of treatment are available for Premature Ejaculation (PE). Although they are aware of treatments available, they haven't tried any due to various hesitations; many have no idea which will work well for them to solve their PE.They have tried some of the treatments, but the outcomes do not work as well as they had hoped (or even worse, sometimes they do not work at all).

Prior to answering this question you have to define your specific condition first, such as:

How serious your PE is. How busy you are at work. How stressed you are from the work and daily life. How responsive your libido is to situations that you consider sexually arousing. How confident you are in coping with your PE. How passionate you are in coping with your PE. How well your communication is with your partner

After defining the above conditions, then you may want to adopt one or more of the following methods that can be grouped into 4 categories:

Category 1 - Using Common Tricks

This method often helps those with mild PE, meaning you just need a little more time to delay your ejaculation until your partner climaxes. Your self confidence plays a partial role in successfully carrying out these tricks.

The examples of these tricks are: the stop-start technique, changing positions, distracting thoughts, etc. However, you will need to practice it several times to gain the maximum benefit, and you will also need good communication and cooperation from your partner.

Category 2 - Using Oral Treatment/Pills

This method will be best for the PE sufferers who have been officially diagnosed by a doctor that they lack the serotonin hormone in their body to become aroused without external aid. Most premature ejaculation pills contain serotonin as their basic ingredient, similar to antidepressants. There are many PE pills available both online and over-the-counter. It is suggested that you consult with your doctor before selecting one that will agree with your health condition.

Category 3 - Using External Aids

The most common methods used in this category are applying condoms, sprays, lotions or creams to your penis. This method is the best for those whose problems stem from sensitivity issues and do not have enough time to practice any sort of techniques and exercises.

Based on observations made in my sex counseling group, PE sufferers who have high self confidence but want to employ a practical method (and fast) prefer this method. The drawback of this method is that it might reduce pleasure to some extent. But this is a necessary compromise in order to satisfy your partner. Yet, nowadays there are certain products in the market which can delay your ejaculation, while increasing libido (all without compromising much pleasure).

Category 4 - Developing Your Own Inner Ability

This method will work well for coping with premature ejaculation no mater how serious the case may be. However, it is relatively more complex than the other 3 categories because it involves training and exercise with the goal of reconditioning your body's ejaculatory system, as well as your mentality.

This method will suit those who have high self confidence, are passionate enough to undergo the continual training and exercises, without a stressful lifestyle, and are patient enough to wait for long term permanent results. There is no need for cooperation from your partner as you can perform the training and exercises without your partner knowing.

Now, coming back to question of what the best way is to delay premature ejaculation: the answer is correctly matching the above methods with your specific condition. The methods you select could be just one of the aforementioned solutions, or a combination.

The author has personally suffered from extreme premature ejaculation in the past. However, he has now solved his issues permanently. He now works in a small Christian community in sex/marriage counseling group giving help to friends, husbands and wives in overcoming their premature ejaculation problems.

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