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Scientific Proof the Andropenis Penis Extender Works?

Scientific Proof

The claims made regarding the Andropenis are not a result of the manufacturer fabricating results in an attempt to get men to purchase the extender. Andropenis technology is actually backed by research.

Scientific testing of this instrument has shown an increase in penis size in men who have used the device. Research conducted across Europe has ensured that a wide variety of age groups, ethnic backgrounds and body types were represented when testing the penis enlargement abilities of the product.

Results from the product were achieved whether or not they were suffering from diseases related to the penis including erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease.

Although there have been many studies of this product, one example that stands out is research conducted by the European Society for Sexual Medicine. The study involved a sample of men in the 16 to 54 age range who suffered from micropenis. Regular use of Andropenis resulted in an average increase of size of three centimeters over the course of one year.

How it Works

Understanding the validity of the claims related to the Andropenis is a matter of understanding how the device works. The product takes the age-old technique of using traction to stretch a portion of the body. Examples of the use of traction for elongating body parts includes the African and Asian tradition of using rings to stretch the neck and the African tribal use of plates to elongate the lower lip.

The Andropenis penis extender uses traction in the same way as these ancient tribal rituals. The penis enlargement device is placed over the penis, and slight pressure is applied in order to slowly stretch the penis. As the penis is stretched, the Andropenis causes microscopic gaps in the tissue of the penis that the body fills in.

The process is a gradual one, but the slow and steady nature of the program ensures that any added length or girth with the use of the extender is permanent. Men who used the device over the course of three months saw an average increase in penis size of 10 percent.

While the suggested usage is approximately 10 hours per day, the manufacturers have designed the equipment to be discreet enough to be worn in public.

Surgery vs Andropenis

Andropenis can provide results without men requiring to undergo risky surgery. Pills are ineffective for penis enlargement, and men who have opted for surgery have found themselves enduring weeks or even months of painful recovery. Results may not even be as substantial as the results that have been observed in men who have regularly used Andropenis.

The cost of penis enlargement surgery is high, and insurance will not cover the surgery if it is only being done for cosmetic reasons. Patients are required to be under anesthesia for approximately two hours, and recovery time at the hospital varies. While some hospitals or clinics allow a man to receive this treatment as an outpatient surgery, the recovery process at home will still be a long one.

Sexual activity is restricted during the penis augmentation recovery process. There is no need for users of a non-surgical penis extender to wait to engage in sexual intercourse.

Despite the scientific research backing up the claims made regarding the Andropenis, many people continue to ask if it truly works. The simple answer is that the Andropenis penis enlarger is effective, safe and easy for anyone to use. Penis enlargement results are often disappointing for men who fall for those selling pills or potions with unrealistic claims, but the many studies that have been conducted regarding the Andropenis have proven that it does what the manufacturers claim.

In conclusion, the Andropenis extender is a recommended product that can provide penis enlargement results through the use of scientifically proven techniques.

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