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The Private Penis Curvature Fix

As the size and shape of a male penis becomes more and more of a phenomenon, the average guys like us are looking for ways to fix any irregularities concerning our penis. In the process, we could all really appreciate some privacy, right? One of the more common penile dysfunctions is penis curvature. Let's consider options to find out which one is our private penis curvature fix.

What Causes Penis Curvature?

This condition is mainly caused by a disorder known as Peyronies disease. This disease stems from some form of injury to the penis, presumably through sexual intercourse. Once the penis has been infected, the disorder inflames the tunica albuginea causing it to stump growth in the tissue and forcing the organ to curve. Without Peyronies disease treatment, your penis could endure painful intercourse, loss of length and girth, erectile dysfunction, and hard lesions over time. Another cause of curvature is a condition called congenital curvature. This accounts for a slight curve and doesn't have any long term negative effects.

How About Surgery?

Surgery is a viable option when addressing this issue. There are two different types of surgery that offer, a short term at least, solution to this issue. The two most common types are the Nesbitt procedure and scar tissue grafting. One shortens and the other lengthens your penis, respectively. Both surgeries make it very hard for your penis to ever function the same again. The biggest risk of these procedures is erectile dysfunction, which you may end up having anyway without Peyronies disease treatment. Nothing about the surgery option is private. Every step of this process involves you disclosing your condition to someone else.

What about Medication?

There have been several medication trials in the search for a penis curvature fix. They have tried everything from injections to vitamins and pills. There are some options, such as Vitamin E, that got great result under some very precise circumstances. But, most of the medications have later proved to have more of a placebo effect than anything. This option is not recommend in your search. Also, it's not very private. Some of the medications are designed specifically for this condition and whomever you get it from will know what it's for.

What about Penile Extender Devices?

Considering the nature of this condition or disorder, a penile extender device can be a good option as a penis curvature fix. The scar tissue that gets stuck and stumps the growth of the penis can be stretched out just like any other aspect of the penis. This option offers you a chance to virtually for the scar tissue to allow growth of your penis tissue and therefore increases your penis size while correcting your penis curvature at the same time. But, like all the other previous alternatives, it's not very private. Unless you live alone and have a very good hiding place for it, you will be exposed eventually.

If Penile Extender Devices Work, How about Penis Exercises?

Penis exercises are hands down the best choice of penis curvature fix. This is the most cost effective, efficient, and private method of fixing this issue. The most powerful of the penis enlargement exercises is a proper jelq exercise. The one has proven to be extremely effective in killing two birds with one stone. If you can find a way to find a good penis exercise course online, you are well on your way to privately fixing your penis curvature and enlarging your penis.

You don't have to live with your curved penis for the rest of your life if you don't want to. You also don't to make it public that this is your situation. Although, in many cases there aren't any complications from this disorder in the early stages, you don't want to be one the few that have long issues. Privately get your penis exercise course.

For your private fix, get your penis exercise course. Thanks for reading. Providing useful writings, reviews and articles on men's health issues including erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems online.

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