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Treating Micro-Penis Syndrome: Andropenis Mini Is Recommended

Andropenis For Penile Enlargement
Why another one?

Take this as a specialized take-on upon a specialized problem, entirely different in its approach than the earlier penis traction/stretcher devices (e.g. SizeGenetics, Danish JesExtender or MaleEdge), which, so far, were believed to be the perfect tools for adding on the extra inches. However, despite their sky-high sales records, these didn't do much for the micropenis syndrome or for the people suffering from it.

How it differs?

The basic difference is these stretchers are meant for people who do not exhibit the micropenis syndrome; the difference is more than that between women's clothing and pregnant women's clothing. Andromedical (a top European safe penis extension device manufacturer) spotted where other penis extenders lag and tailored a device keeping the specifics in mind. This is Andropenis mini, a device - put simply - that's a zoomed-out version of their standard model, Andropenis Gold. Andromedical's Andropenis Mini system has been classified as a Type 1 Medical Device (by EU Authorities) with proven records of enlarging the penis permanently. That gives it a clinical backing with plenty endorsements by both surgeons and the medical authorities, one being the ISO: 13485 status due to the surgical stainless steel and aluminum construction.

The target demographic

This device is designed for men with shorter penises and by shorter, it's meant less than 8 cm when erect or 4cm or lesser when flaccid. The working principle stays much the same; it makes the penis adapt to the externally applied pressure/force and respond it by growth. The penis, after all, is nothing but muscle tissues that can be stretched, pumped and thickened; it's just the direction of the force and its intensity that varies.

Benefits of usage

It doesn't only stretch existing cells but makes them multiply under the traction. His is, however; controlled growth and not the way cells multiply to form tumors.

Existing cells, when elongated, return to their former size after some time; in this case, new cells form and bring a permanent increase in the penis size. Clinical records show a minimum of 33% growth all around (both circumferentially and in length); which means, a thicker and longer penis and that too in a definite proportion.

Rectifies penile curvatures up to 70% and without any side effects.

However, the human body always doesn't respond the same way, so there's a 3 month warranty; it also applies if the device breaks.

Points to remember

Getting a micro-penis to the status of a penisis a marathon, so don't expect results as fast as in a sprint. In fact, 8 weeks are sufficient to notice the changes setting in and most customers noticed their organs have grown within that phase. The erections also come up stronger and last longer than before.

The biggest mistake you can commit is stop using the Andropenis Mini at this point, which dooms your hopes for a permanent, substantial increase in penis size. Unless you use it for at least 20 weeks, the results won't stay put for long. In fact, it requires a full year to give any satisfactory output.

The Andropenis Mini is not to be used in case there are wounds, bruises or cuts on the penis; in that case, wait till the lacerations heal completely and new skin comes up on the affected area.
Prices for the Andropenis Mini go from EUR 199 to EUR 249 with the comfort kit. You receive complete medical support throughout the treatment, an instructions CD for computer use, spare parts (a comfort ring, 2 bands and a silicone top) along with a wooden case to store the product.

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