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What 4 Points Make Up What Women Want In The Bedroom? Plus, What I Did To Grow HUGE In 8 Weeks!

Having a small penis erection and a practically invisible flaccid size, needless to say, made me VERY embarrassed in the bedroom. To throw a little more fuel on the flame, my significant other obviously faked orgasms, she really wasn't being pleased, and it was throwing my sex life into turmoil!

BUT... I'm a kind of man who doesn't give up too easily and just sit on the sidelines crying about my problems... I take action and do what I got to do to fix my problems. So, I took action with male enhancement...

My beginning experiences were terrible... to say the least! I started off with pills and pumps and neither did anything for me (except cause me some side-effects and a maxed out credit card)!

I later on went with a natural enhancement method that caused me to grow from 5.5 inches erected to 7.5 inches erected... plus I gained a bigger flaccid size, a thicker, harder, and muscular looking erection, and I cured my premature ejaculation as well.

What method did all of those wonderful things? I'll talk about that in a second, but first...

What is it that women really want with us men in the bedroom? After all, the desire for getting a bigger penis, curing premature ejaculation, learning different sex positions, etc., is all so that we can satisfy our significant other's, right?

So, with that being said, according to several research studies with many women, here are 4 things women would love from their man in the bedroom...

1. You understanding her anatomy and how to work it to give her intense satisfaction. This means understanding where the nerve endings are in and around the vagina, what parts of her body to caress (like her breasts, ear lobes, and temple for example).

2. Paying attention to what she responds best to (certain positions, certain types of foreplay, certain types of strokes inside her vagina, sweet or dirty talking, etc.), and staying consistent with it.

3. Are you a "drop it and pop it" kind of man? What that means is a man who ejaculates too quickly (better known as premature ejaculation). If so, then this is something that majority of women complain about. Women can last for quite some time, and if you can't keep up, then this can put a damper on your sex pretty quickly. The method I'm going to talk about in a second will help you with lasting longer during sex, so don't worry.

4. And of course, size matters. However, this doesn't mean that you must have some type of freaking elephant size beast! This means that you should have a perfect size with good length (such as 7-9 inches) and good thickness as well. A perfect sized penis for her is something that stimulates all of her nerve endings... and doesn't cause her discomfort.

So, What Will Work Best For Growing Bigger?

Well, the method I used to increase my size by 2 inches (to get to a 7 1/2 inch erection), end premature ejaculation, and gain many other benefits (such as a more muscular looking erection for example) was penis exercises.

This 100% all natural and completely safe method is guaranteed to work because of the simple fact that this is the only method that correlates with the anatomy of the manhood. In other words, exercising your manhood is the only thing that can stimulate all key areas of the penis to initiate growth, stimulation, improvement to the overall penis health, and will do it all naturally, significantly, and permanently.

Bottom line, if you want your woman to reach some pretty loud orgasms, then working on those 4 points above will certainly help. And getting a bigger, stronger, and more visually appealing penis size will most certainly get her screaming, squirting, scratching, and sweating!

To get bigger, simply choose a safe, permanent, and guaranteed effective method and you'll get a size that will make both of you very happy... to say the least!

Are you ready to Enlarge Your Penis FAST, grow longer and thicker in weeks, and give your woman SCREAMING orgasms? Well, I highly recommend the Penis Advantage exercise program. This award winning program is safe, effective, permanent, and you can download everything INSTANTLY (no embarrassing stops at a store or packages to receive)! I went from 5.5 inches to 7.5 inches in 8 weeks with this powerful program!

For more information, visit to learn more! Warning: This program is EXTREMELY effective, and I highly recommend you stop the program for 48-72 hours if you begin to grow more than an inch in a weeks time.

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